Jonathan spends Christmas at the Royal Seed Home

Jonathan spends Christmas at the Royal Seed Home

It was a visit that Jonathan had planned to make for months but no one could have guessed it would have been on Christmas day. Granted 5 days holidays by his club, Jonathan visited Ghana to spend time with his family and friends. What the children at Royal Seed Home in Kasoa didn’t know was that Christmas this year was going to be a special one.

“Where better to spend Christmas day than with my little brothers and sisters” said Jonathan speaking of the orphans at Royal Seed Home. “To think my presence and a few gifts could bring smiles to the faces these kids’ just makes it worth the time and for me it brings me a lot of joy”

Jonathan didn’t make the visit alone; he was joined by his siblings and Ghana national team mate Prince Tagoe to dine with the kids and hand out gifts.

This was Jonathan’s first trip to Ghana after sitting out the black stars playoff win over Egypt which ensured a third successive ticket to the World Cup. He expressed his delight at the qualification “Its a massive achievement and I know this means a lot to the people of Ghana. Personally it’s all about putting myself in the position to have the chance of going to Brazil. He added “We’re in a privileged position where we can help in this way and I hope to spend more times like this with them [Royal Seed Home] and also help them with projects”

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  1. Theo says:

    I think this is a commendable all other athletes across Africa should emulate.Gestures as such doesn’t mean you have so much but represent the kind of heart you have towards your people.I believe strongly if we have a lot of folks who think alike with you,i am certain our country will have a great future. Joe thanks on behalf of the kids and pray God enlarges your territory,grant you good health and long life and make you the best you can ever be.God bless you.Kudos fam.

  2. hello jonathan, thanks for visiting obuasi. i just want u to know how much u inspire my little brother francis nador . i think he looks up to u as his role model bcos he cant really stop talking about you at home.he really wanna become good , intelligent and a skillful player like you someday. he said u took a picture with him at black park and he would be glad if he gets that picture so that he would hang it in our sitting room! lol!. He said THANK YOU FOR THE JERSEY!!

  3. Nukunu Quashie says:

    Hi Jona, been following your initiatives. I think your deeds are worth emulating. I believe you should be the idol for most young footballers in Ghana and across the African continent. Keep up the good work bro and inspire more generations to come. Wish you all the best in your 2014/2015 season !!!

  4. Maame N. says:

    You are a very interesting soul. I found it rather ironic how u like blogging as an athlete, then I see all your humble charity works. I guess you are as exception to the rule. There is always light in your eyes when I see the photos of you giving back to the society. It’s great that you are grounded. That character of yours will take you very far; further that your peers. Stay true to yourself and I pray that Lord always favor you and your course. May he always hide U in his secret place that nothing can harm you or what is dear to you. #iJustAppreciateGivers


  5. Maame N. says:

    *Deuteronomy 24:19
    “When you reap your harvest in your field and have forgotten a sheaf in the field, you shall not go back to get it; it shall be for the alien, for the orphan, and for the widow, in order that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands.
    Bless ur kind heart

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